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This is a simple script that shows a tabs-like list of buffers in the bottom of the window. The biggest advantage of this script over various others is that it does not take any lines away from your terminal, leaving more space for the document you're editing. The tabs are only visible when you need them - when you are switchin between buffers.

Download from vim scripts archive here


An experimental vim 7.0 plugin for showing svn/git/cvs diff information in a file while editing. This plugin runs a diff between the current buffer and the original file in the source control system, and applies highlighting to show where the buffer differs. The original text is not shown, only colors are used to indicate where changes were made.

Download from vim scripts archive here

On Thu Feb 28 14:31:14 CET 2008, Mathieu Gagnon wrote:
what a nice idea (buftabs), replaced my minibufexpl, thanks.
On Thu Dec 18 18:48:56 CET 2008, ppdliveaaaaaaaaa wrote:
sup man. Buftabs is great, but how about highlighting active buffer with different color and change highlight color of modified buffer? It would be nice. I tried do it by myself, but without luck, thanks!
On Mon Mar 1 00:28:17 CET 2010, Thiago wrote:
Buftabs is really great! A question. Is there a way to put butabs togheter with my own statusline seting? The only way I see is to align my statusline to right. I think it could be good idea to have a way to call a buftabs function to put its output in the statusline. Thanks!
On Thu Mar 18 20:29:54 CET 2010, cub.uanic wrote:
On svndiff script page, at the end of page, where you can select which version to download, latest available is buftabs-4.2 - correct, please :)
On Sat May 8 22:03:00 CEST 2010, Janez wrote:
One question about buftabs. When installed it sets updatetime to 1 which is quiet disturbing. In this case each key press provokes a disk activity (swap file). Buftabs overrides even "set updatetime=4000" in ".vimrc". Is there any way to change updatetime when usine buftabs? Thanks!
On Sat Jun 26 12:33:29 CEST 2010, namuol wrote:
replaced my (now-broken) minibufexpl too; it's actually significantly better. thank you!
On Sat Sep 4 19:23:40 CEST 2010, David wrote:
thanks for buftabs, i'll be using this one. i particularly like the option of seeing the buftab all the time, via: set laststatus=2 :let g:buftabs_in_statusline=1
On Tue May 17 20:48:58 CEST 2011, wouter wrote:
Ja, eindelijk aan de buftabs :) Super :)
On Wed May 18 11:12:58 CEST 2011, Ian wrote:
Just what I was after, Thanks! If you want to get git support to work for sub directories, change: let s:rcs_cmd_git = "git cat-file -p HEAD:" to: let s:rcs_cmd_git = "git cat-file -p HEAD:$(git rev-parse --show-prefix)" This may only work in bash, I don't know. I'm very new to vim plugins. Cheers!
On Wed May 18 11:40:10 CEST 2011, wrote:
As indicated by Ian above, I had to fiddle to get it to work: my shell is tcsh (not my choice), so I had to enclose the command in "bash -c" to get it to work. But now it works brilliantly! Thank you!
On Wed Jan 25 22:02:25 CET 2012, wrote:
Hey, Nice Work! any thought about making svndiff work on Mac OSX?
On Sat Apr 27 10:08:54 CEST 2013, Ellioh Thot'o wrote:
Great! Exactly what I was searching. Thank you very much
On Wed Oct 16 17:54:14 CEST 2013, Matěj Cepl wrote:
Isn't strange that somebody who creates VCS-supporting plugin doesn't provide a URL of its VCS repo for it? I would love to make you a pull request for svndiff (which doesn't work for me ATM).