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name game
author Ico Doornekamp
platforms linux, *BSD, win32, atari
version 1577


The objective of the game is to keep the level of colored blocks down as long as possible. New blocks are falling down at an increasing rate, blocks can be removed by creating rows of three or more blocks of the same color. The longer the row, the more points you get.


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file: game-linux-1577.tgz (1.2M)
md5sum: 80c079170755e3ccd34b8bf7f75db2b1

file: game-win32-1577-setup.exe (1.7M)
md5sum: 0a4bea53aa3c24fe48edbd6f4af24273

file: game-src-1577.tgz (1.2M)
md5sum: b613ec866571863163581cfd906f1b4b

file: README.TXT (1.9K)

file: Changelog (2.0K)

A port of version 1577 is also available for AmigaOS 4.0 here. Many thanks to Johan Samuelsson for providing the port.