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This is a collection of some projects I've been working on.
Some code I wrote and tend to maintain and support
luaman Lua 5.1/5.2 Unix manual pages
glview An OpenGL-enabled image viewer
ultrasonic theremin Ultrasonic theremin on a laptop computer
philesight Server-side tool for graphing disk usage
game A simple tetris-like game
zevv-peep A terminal font suitable for higher resolutions, X11 and win32
vim scripts Some handy scripts for the vim editor
svnignore Tool for ignoring .svn files when running unix commands
avr-gdbstub Experimental gdb stub for AVR ATmega microcontroller family
hacks and fun projects
modular My take of designing a modular synth
verbarius Online version of the verbarius clock
bug-a-day A bug a day keeps the boredom away
nm-visuals Abuse of the Nord Modular synthesizer
ibm-usb Adding an USB interface to my 1984 IBM keyboard
logbanner Write banner messages to server logs